The Case of the Missing Library Book

A Fine of Two Cents

My kids and I headed out to the library not long ago, mostly because I had a load of books a day past due. Of course, prior to leaving for the library, I had to turn the house upside down, looking for one remaining Berenstain Bears’ Early Reader book – the same book I renewed twice already because I had misplaced it. Of course, in the search for the rogue early reader, my 6 year old discovered a missing Biscuit book – the book I was just about to cough up twenty bucks to replace because it had been missing so long. Anyone else have this problem?

Our library books have a designated spot in our home, but the thing about books is, which is a good problem I guess, my kids tend to read them. They look at books all over the house, so they end up all over the house. What’s a girl to do? Nixing the library is just out of the question. Fewer books is not really an option either because we actually do read most, if not all of the books I check out of the library. So, the only option I came up with for now is fewer books but more frequent trips to the library. I had been going once every two weeks. We’re looking at once a week from now on, which is a tragedy really, because it means I have to leave the house. As a general rule, I really don’t like leaving the house unless we are 1) out of food, requiring a trip to the grocery store or 2) taking up someone’s offer to feed us.

As for me, I picked up Salman Rushdie’s new memoir, Joseph Anton and two John Green books. Have you guys read him? (I know, I know. All of my YA reading friends are coming up with YA-related, “Does the Pope wear a funny hat?” jokes.) Anyway, he writes contemporary YA literature, and I especially like how he creates voice. He knows how smart high school kids should talk (I should know seeing as how I was a smart high school kid). You know, kids who interweave allusions to the River Styx while playing video games and eating Cheetos. It’s awesome. His latest book The Fault in Our Stars is supposed to be the best book ever, but I’m staying away from it for now because I know it addresses cancer. Since I’m addressing cancer in real life, I’d rather stick to non-cancer related novels for now. I also picked up My Antonia, which, I don’t think has cancer references, but you never know. My friend Jessica from Quirky Book Worm comment-screamed at me first on the List of Shame post, so I promised I would read Willa Cather next.

Which reminds me…

I wanted to give some shout-outs to some of my favorite blogs:

1. Jessica from Quirky Bookworm is a great book blogger, and she’s been so kind to me during my fledgling attempts at blogging. She did a 31 days series in October, where she highlighted different kids’ books every day. She introduced several I have never read, and I am anxious to add to our library list (and then, apparently, lose).

2. Johanna from My Home Tableau is a blogger whose words consistently resonate with me. She frequently comments on this blog, too, and her thoughts are always encouraging and helpful.

3. Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy writes about being a Jane Austen woman in a modern world. Her posts are practical and original, and she has a way to spark great discussion in her comment section.

4. Lauren from The Housework Can Wait is a friend from college. She’s a YA Lit. reviewer, and her posts are always insightful and hilarious.

5. Book Riot: This blog is made for book nerds. They point to book-related news and happenings, all while writing about why Ron Weasley should have died, what characters from different books should hook up, or how the best advice about life comes from Calvin and Hobbes. It’s great!

I hope you guys have a great week! Please reassure me that I’m not the only person who pays ridiculous amounts of money in book fines. Right?

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  1. #1 by chesterjc on November 19, 2012 - 3:23 pm

    Kelly, I always read your posts as soon as possible after I receive notice. While I am not quite the book worm that you are, I do enjoy reading, and your blog inspires me to more reading. Keep up the good work.

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