Timing and Back Burners


To all of my regular readers (Hi, family!), you might have noticed my lack of posts lately. My mom experienced some complications from chemo again (She’s the queen of chemo side effects. Seriously, she could medal in cancer-related complications. Also folding fitted sheets.) Anyway, two weeks ago, my brother called me and said Mom had been rushed to ICU. She had fluid built up on her lungs, and during a routine procedure to drain the lungs, she suddenly could not breathe. She scared the mess out of everyone, requiring all of us to head to Houston to help out my brother. Mom is now at home, receiving daily health care from a home health nurse and frequent visits from friends and family. I ended up staying for a week. My sister-in-law and our former neighbors graciously watched my children. We’ve all been home for a week, and I’m just now getting caught up with normalcy again.

I’ve been reading the Chronicles of Narnia series with my boys, and my 6 year old is reading all of the Dr. Seuss I Can Read Beginner books. His favorites are: Wacky Wednesday, A Fish out of Water, In a People House, and Go Dog, Go! My 4 year old likes Caps for Sale and Giraffes Can’t Dance, and my two year old wants me to read The Tale of Peter Rabbit daily. My husband is currently reading Quiet by Susan Cain. Plus, he and I have been watching previous seasons of White Collar, and we also started watching The Newsroom (We just can’t resist Sorkin dialogue).

Timing is a funny thing in life. I started this blog almost exactly when my mom received her cancer diagnosis back in March. My dreams of creating a space where I could write and share have had to move to the back burner at times during this journey, and that’s okay. I hope everyone understands and continues to read when I am able to write. I’ve received such great encouragement from all of you, and I’m glad to have a space where I can flesh out some of my thoughts during this storm of life. Thank you for providing this place for me.

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  1. #1 by Elizabeth on November 16, 2012 - 2:01 pm

    I love what you have to say…whenever you have the time to say it. Still praying for your mom.

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