5 Children’s Books Every Music Lover Should Read

As I have mentioned before, my husband is a band director, so music is like another member of our family. We play music all the time at home and in the car, and we love to attend performances and concerts. We love to sing. I honestly think singing to your children is just as important as reading to your children. So today, I thought I might share some of our favorite books that accompany music.

Our library has several illustrated books that have the accompanying music and/or CD. And my kids LOVE them. Check out these the next time you hit the library:

A Hunting We Will Go!

1. A Hunting We Will Go by Steven Kellogg. This book follows two children as they get ready for bed, along with several of their animal friends. The story becomes a grand adventure, leading them through a forest and onto the sea as they journey off to bed.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

2. There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly: This Caldecott Medal winning book by Simms Taback brings a classic folk tale to life. The absurd lyrics will have your children laughing, but Taback’s illustrations will have them beg for more. Another one of our favorites Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, by the same author, cleverly uses song and illustration to narrate a tale of repurposing. The book creatively uses cut outs and design to enhance the theme and emphasize the importance of contentment.

Grandma's Feather Bed (John Denver Series)

3. Grandma’s Feather Bed: An illustrated version of John Denver’s folk tale, made famous (in my life) by the Muppets.

4. America the Beautiful: Along with the words and music to one of America’s most beloved songs, this book has an added element of geography, depicting some of the breathtaking landmarks of our country on every page.

What a Wonderful World

5. What a Wonderful World: The illustrator of this book features Louie Armstrong’s most famous song with colorful and vivid illustrations. The book comes with an accompanying recording of the song as the children follow along with the book (“The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the skies are also on the faces of people passing by.” Love it!)

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