Weekend Reading: On Twitter Fiction, Writing, Blogging, and Eating Lunch in France.

I’m in Katy, Texas, this weekend visiting my family. We’re staying at my brother’s house: home of ginormous television, fast internet connection, Bluegrass music on Pandora, homemade rice salad, and smoked brisket and sausage. Also my brother and his wife and daughter. It’s a happy place. Here are some things I enjoyed reading this week.

On Twitter Fiction:

Pulitzer-prize winning author Jennifer Egan wrote a serialized short story using The New Yorker‘s twitter handle.

[Then, my mind exploded.]

Jennifer Egan: “Black Box” (go here to read the story as a whole)

Christine Haughney from the New York Times interviews Egan: “A Jennifer Egan Original…Tweet by Tweet”

On Writing:

Simple Mom: “Do What You Love” (Best advice I’ve read all week)

Writer’s Digest: “10 Writing Myths”

Seth Godin: “What are you Leaving Behind?”

Jeff Goins: “Author Shauna Niequist on Good Writing Practices.”

On Blogging:

Chatting at the Sky: “For Those of You Who Don’t Comment on Blogs.”

Andy Traub from Take Permission Media Network: “WordPress blogging tip: Use fullscreen mode to write your posts”

On Eating Lunch in France:

I’m still reading this. It’s rather lengthy. And fascinating.

Karen le Billon: French School Lunch Menus

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